43rd Reconnaissance Regiment

Royal Enfield WD/CO/B Motorcycle

Date of Manufacture : 1944

Engine : 346cc OHV Single Cylinder

Gearbox : Burman 4 speed

Suspension : Girder front forks, rigid rear

Frame No : E18726

Engine No : E18726

This model of Royal Enfield was introduced into the War Office service in 1942 as a replacement for the earlier WC/C 350cc side valve engined machine.

The WD/CO/B saw service with all 3 armed services being principally used for road communication and convoy escort duties owing in part to the fact that it had poor ground clearance compared to other makes of machines and the underneath of the engine was not protected by way of a plate or shield.

This particular machines was built for contract 14219 and was one of a batch of 2,828 machines for the RAF.  It was released from military service and first registered for civilian use in May 1946.

Most of the restoration of this particular machine has been carried out by a previous owner although with a machine of this age there is always something that needs doing to keep it running.

It is used on a regular basis in the summer months.