43rd Reconnaissance Regiment

Royal Enfield WD/CO/B Motorcycle

Date of Manufacture : 1943

Engine : 348cc OHV Single Cylinder

Gearbox : Albion believed built 1942

Suspension : Girder front forks, rigid rear

Frame No : 13174

Engine No : 15857

This model of the Royal Enfield was introduced into War Office service in 1942 as a replacement for the earlier WC/C 350cc side valve engine machines.

The WD/CO/B saw service with all 3 armed services, being mostly used for road communication and convoy escort duties, mainly because it had less ground clearance and the engine was unprotected from possible damage.

The history of this motorcycle is unknown, the best guess according to Jan Vandevelde of the Royal Enfield Register is that it has had a varied past.  It is not known whether it served during WWII but almost certainly it went to France after the war and was used by the French army until the 1950s.  There is a number stamped on the engine that indicates that it may have been rebuilt while in France which might account for the fact that the engine and frame numbers do not match.

Most of the restoration has been done by previous owners, the motorcycle runs well but there is still a lot more to be done.