43rd Reconnaissance Regiment

Morris Light Reconnaissance Car MkII

Date of Manufacture : October 1944

Morris Motors

Car number 2556

Engine : a 4 cylinder side valve of 3519cc mounted off centre in the rear, driving through a crash gearbox of 4 forward and one reverse gear driving through the rear wheels, or in low range driving all 4 wheels.  71.8 BHP at 3000 rpm

Max speed : 45 mph

10½ miles to the gallon on a 14½ gallon tank, measured by dipstick

Total number of cars built : 2,200.  200 Mk 1's only 4 x 2 and 2,000 Mk 11 4x4

First car built : 1942; last one known of built in March/April 1945

Crew 3, driver's seat is in centre

Armourment : .303" Bren gun in turret with both 30 round standard or 100 round drum magazine.  Boys .55" Anti tank rifle mounted either forward or to the rear of the 2 nearside hatches.  Personnel weapons inside - 2 Enfield rifles and a Thompson sub machine gun.

Armour : 10mm to the front, 5mm to the sides, 8mm floor increased later to 10mm against mine blast

The car is of a self contained Monocoque construction, having no chassis, the front and rear sections, once assembled and with all fittings, are bolted together and welded.

This car was never commissioned, it was bought by a film company after the war and stored in a barn in Dorset.  It remained there until 1982 when a dealer in Kent bought it as part of a Job Lot.  It was purchased by its present owner soon after and has had an ongoing restoration ever since.  The vehicle is quire rare in that it is 99% original and has never been cut, it only had 264 miles on the clock when it was purchased.

It is mainly driven on the road to shows and went to Normandy in 1999 and has attended several "Liberation Tours" of the Pas de Calais.  It took part in the VJ Celebration Parade in 1995.