43rd Reconnaissance Regiment

Ford Universal Carrier Mk2

Date of Manufacture : 1944

Designation : Carrier Universal no.2 Mk 11*

Model : C31UCW (Welsh Guards Stowage)

Engine : Ford 85 H.P' V-8 L Head.  Displacement (cu.in) 221

Manufacturer : Ford Motor Co of Canada Ltd.  Hull - Canadian Bridge Company

Armour Thickness : Side 7mm, front 10mm (riveted BP Steel)

Armament : one Bren LMG, two L/E Rifles and two Sten Guns.  Also either one 2" Mortar or a Smoke Discharger.  The former was fitted to the section leader's carrier and could fire HE and illumination as well as smoke

Unladen weight : 7800lbs

Gross weight : 9885lbs

Cost per unit : $3,000 (war-time prices)

Crew : 6

Power is transmitted through a standard clutch, four speed transmission and a conventional truck type axle with sprockets fitted rather than wheels.

Steering is accomplished by a lateral movement of the front bogie assembly and breaking of either sprocket to stop the inside track for the second stage of steering.

Both are accomplished by use of a steering wheel.

The Universal Carrier was developed from a series of infantry carriers designed between the war for reconnaissance purposes.  They became synominous with the British Army serving on every battlefront and were modified to undertake a multitude of tasks including Vickers Machine Carrier, 3" Mortar Carrier, Anti-Tank Gun Tower and Flamethrower.  

The demand for Universal Carriers far exceeded UK production so Canada was invited to commence production producing by the end of the war 28,992 of all marks.  This was approximately 20% of all Universal Carrier production.

The MkII* version was introduced in 1943 and incorporated lessons learnt in the North African Campaign.

The group has two carriers, as shown above.