43rd Reconnaissance Regiment

Daimler Dingo Armoured Scout Car


Date of Manufacture : 1942

Engine : 2500cc Daimler 6 cylinder (70 hp)

Gearbox : 5 speed Wilson pre-selector

Fuel Tank Capacity : 18 gallons

Range : 200 miles

Suspension : Independent coil sprung

Brakes : Lockheed dual circuit (drums)

The Daimler Dingo was designed as a scout car to range ahead of armoured columns and locate enemy ambushes or impending attacks before the main armoured column was caught up in them.

For this purpose the Dingo was designed with thick frontal armour and lighter armour to the sides and rear, so that it had a greater chance of fending off an attack from in front.  When the enemy was sighted, it was possible to change the whole gearbox into reverse so that the Dingo could reverse out of danger at anything up to 40 mph.  The driver's seat is set at an angle to assist the driver in looking over his shoulder to reverse the vehicle at speed.

Designed in 1938, the Dingo was very advanced for its time, having independent coil spring suspension all round, four wheel drive, a pre-selector gearbox and fluid flywheel instead of an ordinary clutch.  It was such a successful vehicle that the British Army continued to use them into the 1960's.

The history of the vehicle on the left is unknown, however it is interesting to note that although the vehicle was manufactured in 1942, the upper armoured side panel beside the driver's seat is date stamped 1944.  Perhaps this panel was replaced after damage caused by enemy action?